Our services

Aden Management Consulting Office aims to assist private companies, mixed and public sectors in ensuring the integrity and effectiveness of internal control systems, compliance with rules, regulations, policies and procedures, and ensuring the accuracy and completeness of financial data and records, the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative and financial transactions and process.
We provide our assistance paving the base of the organizational structure and ensuring the validation of the internal audit frameworks, business ethics, policies, procedures, plans, audit plans and programs and work methodology are defined.

We also pay close attention to the development of strategic plans, which many organizations and companies may not realize the importance of strategic planning unless facing the emergence of many administrative problems such as (deterioration of performance / conflict of roles / poor sales / employee dissatisfaction and leaving work)
Therefore, building a clear strategic plan is essential for achieving institutional excellence. From this point of view, we will be with you in preparing and setting strategic plans distinguished by their applicability and measurability.


Administrative and advisory support

Administrative consultancy and technical support is the most important pillar on which commercial and service establishments, whether for private or public sectors because it …


Quality management system

By applying the quality management system, the institution shall work to provide services and products that meet the customer’s satisfaction and fulfill the needs …


Human Resource Management

The efficiency of organizations depends largely on the good investment of their resources, and there is no doubt that the human resource is the most valuable resource in the,…


Organizational Structure

The philosophy of the process of setting up the organizational structure of companies and institutions crystallizes in raising the efficiency of performance, removing restrictions that …


legal support

The legal framework remains the reference and umbrella under which all …commercial and service activities are involved.